Picture Minstrel

I am a story teller.

Its true that I’m also an artist, an illustrator, a reluctant designer and sometimes an animator, but all of this grew from my desire to tell stories. Since I was a child, stories have inspired me to create the art that would carry forward the feelings these stories imparted. Drawing my favorite characters, props and environments from TV shows, books, movies and games allowed me to keep them alive long after the story itself had ended. Later, I started telling my own stories, using my own characters, and later still, I learned to help others tell the stories they wanted to tell.

Since 1997 I’ve made a living out of helping others tell stories. Some of these stories were created to help others learn. Some of these stories were told in order to relate a business, product or idea. Still others were told just for the sake of pure entertainment. Comics, picture books, movies, video and board games, presentations, even web design, I enjoy them all. From early plot development to concept design to storyboarding to sequential art panels, this is where I live.

Have a story you need help with telling? Maybe I can help.

- Christopher Wilson

About This Website

You may notice that this site doesn’t seem ‘finished'. I’m just starting to play with it and get it back up and running in my free time. Currently, I’m in my tenth year working for The Walt Disney Company at ESPN, so I haven’t had a burning need to keep it shipshape and Bristol fashion (see what I did there? I work in Bristol, CT and the saying is Bristol fashion… OK. Never mind. Moving on).

As the years have gone by and Wordpress has updated, my portfolio has fallen out of date and my chosen themes have all eventually become dated and stopped working. The good news is that I very much enjoy working in Wordpress and this gives me an opportunity to create my own custom theme, so that’s fun. I’m also taking my time to get this right so that it will be easier to maintain moving forward.

I’m starting with this simple Home/About page and the blog, and will be adding a few portfolios and some pages for fun stuff like Artists Trading Cards, Prints and maybe a few other things which will require custom post types and design to go along with them.