The Next Thing Part 4: The Announcement

Esmaya and her Darkside Minions

So, you know from Part 1 of this series that I’ve been dying to start a new creative project, but haven’t wanted to start anything new that would take me away from my daughter at this juncture in her life. Probably you can all see where this is going, but if you don’t, I’d love to help you out with an official announcement:

The Next Thing Part 3: Its All Just Fun-n-Games

My collection of dice from way-back-when

One day, while my daughter and I were home sick from work and school, we worked together on a board game she had started working on earlier in the week. Six hours, several cups of tea, a couple bowls of soup, a handful of cough drops, and many of my art supplies later, we had a working prototype for her idea.

Joe Kubert, pioneering comics artist and mentor: Sept 18, 1926 – Aug 12, 2012

The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art

I am, and always will be at least in some part, a Kubie. Of all of the schools I have spent time in, I’ve only ever called myself a Kubie. Thank you, Joe, for giving me a place to learn what I wanted to know, to explore my art with teachers
who were as excited as I was with the art and creation of comics. Your work has not only touched millions, but lives on every single day as the students who passed thru your school work, create and share their art with those around them. Thank you for going the extra mile and giving us a place to call our own.


So, haven’t been here or there much lately, and decided it was time to do a bit of cleaning, fixing, etc. In the process of updating the templates, I wiped out the images that used to adorn this site and the main CI site… so, enjoy the flowers, mountains or whatever happens to pop up […]

Me and Mine

Me and Mine I’m a 40 year old married father with a number of interests and hobbies and a bad habit of starting little side projects whether I have time for them or not. When push comes to shove however, spending time with my family and making sure they are taken care of is my […]

Ask For Something They Can Give

People can’t always give you what you want, but they are often willing to give what they can. For instance, a customer might not be interested or in a position to buy your product, but if you’re on good terms with her, you might be able to get critical feedback while putting the product in […]

Temporary Styling

Apparently something in my current theme broke after updating WordPress, taking down the whole site. So, for now, I’ve borrowed a theme from my good buddy and all around great guy, Bob Ostrom. I’ll swap it out soon for something new, again, but until then, please bear with the borrowed wardrobe.