Illustration Friday: Stargazing

One concept I’ve always liked but have had a hard time putting aside the time to participate in is Illustration Friday. There are several I’ve been inspired to participate in, but I’ve always had a rough time finding the opportunity to work on the In fact, even this initial attempt was only minimally successful. I’d wanted to color the final image, and perhaps later I will, but for now, inks will have to suffice.

Stargazing-no color

Earlier in the project, I had worked on a number of concepts for Stargazing from ground-based observatories to space-based deep space telescope satellites. I even hit on the idea of a diver studying starfish. In the end, the more human connections of a kid on a roof with a telescope and a family laying in their back yard really stuck with me. The chosen image pulls together pieces of my own family’s experience as my wife and I took our daughter into the back yard and we lay on a blanket and watch the meteor showers.

Stargazing sketches on DeviantArt

Finally, my daughter joined me in this project and worked up her own concept of “stargazing” as the audience enjoys a performance by a famous dancer.

Stargazing – Esmaya

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