Illustration Friday: Atmosphere

Wow! We actually got our entry in on time this week, so while this is our 2nd Illustration Friday post, this is our first “official” entry. This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Atmosphere. Obviously there are a number of definitions of atmosphere, but none of them readily appealed to me as something I’d have any […]

Into the Black

I had something big planned for this post, but it just seemed like too much commentary around the following lyrics, so maybe I’ll add my commentary and thoughts in a later post. For now, I’m just sharing these lyrics. I love them, and they do seem to talk to me in a way that stirs […]

The New (Old) Kids on the Block

Good morning! The other day, I woke up with this song in my head from New Kids on the Block. It got me talking to a colleague at work, and I told him how I thought it was funny that I had seen a televised bit when they kicked off their comeback tour in 2008 […]

Ask For Something They Can Give

People can’t always give you what you want, but they are often willing to give what they can. For instance, a customer might not be interested or in a position to buy your product, but if you’re on good terms with her, you might be able to get critical feedback while putting the product in […]

Temporary Styling

Apparently something in my current theme broke after updating WordPress, taking down the whole site. So, for now, I’ve borrowed a theme from my good buddy and all around great guy, Bob Ostrom. I’ll swap it out soon for something new, again, but until then, please bear with the borrowed wardrobe.

Perfect Playlist

This is a purely personal post. Nothing in here about business, marketing, branding, or anything else. If you really try to stretch it, you might get something about priorities, but I won’t ask you to. In 2007, one of my favorite magazines at the time, MacAddict, had just transformed itself into MacLife, and wanted to […]

My Daughter: Disney Princess for Life

In January of 2009, I took my family to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While there, we experienced something profound in the way that Disney treats its different fan bases. See, my then eight year old daughter, had spent the better part of her years to that point loving and wanting to be a […]

Are YOU on Twitter?

I’ve recently met a wonderful lady, Amelia, from Australia, who runs her own business. She’s part of a small network of trainers, several of whom I’ve known for years. Because of my association with them, we’re slowly but surely connecting on the social media scene. I think I’m connected to several on Linked In and […]