My Wife’s New ‘Do’: Pt. 5 – Customization

In the beginning, my wife’s new hairdo wasn’t a perfect fit. As she was getting used to it, she identified trouble areas that she needed touched up so that it would work better for her needs. She went back to the salon once a week for the first 3 weeks until it worked for her. […]

My Wife’s New ‘Do’: Pt. 4 – The Cost of Reeducation

Often, growth and change requires training. Whether implementing new equipment, software, techniques or workflows, re-training is inevitable. When my wife got her new hairdo, she had to learn a new way of styling her hair. Mistakes cost her, and even at this personal level, these weren’t small costs. Especially at the outset, mistakes have led […]

My Wife’s New ‘Do’: Pt. 3 – Maintenance Costs

Some solutions are implemented simply because they save money or time, decrease maintenance, or increase efficiencies. In the case of my wife’s new hairdo, the solution actually requires additional recurring costs in both time and money. This particular hairdo requires more frequent visits to the salon to keep the hair short, recurring costs in hair […]

My Wife’s New ‘Do’: Pt. 1 – Identifying Problems and Deciding on a Solution.

This past month, my wife of 12 years got a new hairdo. With the exception of our wedding day when our friend, Nikki Zurell, worked her craft on my wife-to-be, this is the first time in the 20 years that I’ve known her that she’s changed it. In fact, according to her, its the first […]

Brain Power

This is a silly one suitable for this time of year while many of us are on vacation. You might have already gotten this in your email; apparently its been kicking around the intertubes for a while. If not, enjoy. I’ve found it a very interesting example of not just the power of our brains, […]

Selling Out Your Principles

Principles. Everyone has principles of some sort. Principles can be good or bad. Principles are the rules and beliefs that govern our personal behavior by instilling in each us a code of ethics. Among many (though apparently not all) christians and jews, the principle “Thou shalt not kill” has inspired the ethic that it is […]

Its OK to Fail. Maybe…

Is it OK to fail? Wise men will tell you that it is OK to fail. That you will learn a lot from failure. That you can grow from failure. Realists will tell you that failure will cost you, sometimes dearly. Everyone will tell you that failure is inevitable. Who’s right? They all are. So, […]

Borders Bookstores: Love Gone Cold

I love Borders Bookstores. They’re a brand I’m passionate about. When I think about picking up a book, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a trip to Borders. I love to walk their aisles and browse the shelves. I love to pull the books, look at the covers and read the descriptions. […]

Welcome to My Blog

I’m an artist who has held a number of creative positions, from doing character animation, character design, prop design, interface design and background paintings for children’s educational software, to multimedia and web design for various clients while working for other companies as well as working for myself. What I will do next has not been […]